how much time should we plan for pictures?

Here is a guide to show you about how much time to plan for each segment of portraits. The rest of the day is typically spent in documentary mode, capturing the day and details as it unfolds without any guidance or interruption from us.

First Look: 10 minutes

Portraits of Bride and Groom: allow 30 minutes up to 1 hour.  We will also use this time to take individual portraits of the Bride and Groom.

Wedding Party: 30 minutes (depends on how many people are in the groups)

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl: 10 minutes

Immediate Family Pictures: 30 minutes (depends on how many people, groupings, timeliness, etc.)

Please also remember to include travel time from location to location if we are photographing any of these in a separate location from your venue.

Timeliness is of the essence when attempting to stick to your schedule. We will help plan the family picture groupings with you so that those go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Please make sure your wedding party and family members are aware of when their portrait time is and that arriving on time is very important.