should we do a first look?

One of the decisions you’ll make is whether to see each other before the ceremony or seeing each other for the first time when you are walking down the aisle. Understanding your timeline is a good start to making this decision. The last thing you want to be on your wedding day is rushed, so if you are planning your ceremony at dusk and there will be limited natural light afterward, we recommend you have a first look.

First and foremost, having a first look is a very special time and also a rare moment during the day that the two of you are (mostly) alone. We set up a specific time that it will just be the two of you. We are completely unobtrusive during this time and stay back to document so that the two of you can have a moment just to yourselves. You are able to be with your soon to be spouse, talk, kiss, cry, laugh without any interruption. When the time is right, we step in to take your portraits. Some couples choose to exchange gifts or letters during their first look to add to the experience. That choice is yours!

There is nothing like walking down the aisle and seeing each other, even if you’ve had a first look. The anticipation and good butterflies are all there. This is such a special moment and is in no way hindered by seeing each other beforehand. If you do choose to wait until the aisle to see one another, we are 100% on-board with that choice! However, it is important to be realistic about how many pictures and what kind of pictures can fit into the time between the end of your ceremony and the time you arrive at your reception. If there is no additional light remaining after your ceremony, we will need to rely on off-camera lighting for all images (see the bottom example on the page above).

Please see the information below about how long each type of picture can take to plan accordingly. We are happy to offer any advice/guidance on your scheduling or if you are on the fence with one option or another.