This one was all the emotions. There were some forgotten shoes at the hotel (hee hee, it all works out in the end), some last minute changes (rain had made the ground super soggy so the ceremony was moved from under an oak tree to indoors), some hilarious toasts and a raging dance party. The best part of they day to us was getting to whisk Matt and Brittni away for their photos following their ceremony when the most incredible sunlight was happening. It made for such romantic photos that I get lost in. It only became more meaningful when, after the fact, Brittni said that same moment felt like Matt's dad, who is no longer with them, was smiling down on them from heaven. How wonderful is that? Those times, as a photographer, are the best times. We're capturing those memories and emotions, even if we don't understand their full weight at the times. So humbling and exciting. Your wedding was perfect, you two. And that dance party, well, good thing there are pictures ;)

Wedding Venue: Two Rivers Mansion, Nashville, TN